Updated for Spring 2023!

You’ll Learn:

  • Should I sell my house this spring? (pg. 3)
  • Are buyers still out there? (pg. 4)
  • Can I still get a good price for my house? (pg. 4)
  • What’s ahead for mortgage rates and home prices? (pg. 6)
  • Active number of listings and how they are trending (pg. 8)
  • What does this all mean for you? (pg. 9)
  • Top reasons homeowners are selling (pg. 10)
  • What is home equity? (pg. 12)
  • Why your equity has grown in recent years (pg. 12)
  • Home price changes around the country (pg. 13)
  • Why pricing your house at market value matters (pg. 15)
  • How a real estate expert makes selling your house easy (pg. 18)

Plus, Get:

  • Home selling checklist

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